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Saturday, June 8, 2019



Kung tinuod nga sama sa KAPA, Rigen, Ever Arm and other emerging investment organizations in Mindanao are using crypto trading as one of their major streams of revenues, as a Crypto Enthusiast (I have been exposed to Cryptocurrency before, I was there at its peak and I was there at its setbacks, frightening setbacks to say the least, I know a thing or two.), I am here to give my friends, relatives and FB friends some clear insights about the nature of Cryptocurrency and Crypto Trading.

Una sa tanan, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and etc are not SCAM. These are real digital currency that has monetary value, meaning, pede mapalit ug pede ibaligya. It can also be used as a financial instrument for trading and exchange.

Apan, any entity, tao man or company can exploit these technology for any form of ponzi scam. Which means, not everyone who claimed to have used crypto as a form of business is legit. That's a fact.

Kahinumdum mo atong Filipino couple nga naka scam ug around P900M in alleged Bitcoin scam? That is my point. (Full text here: http://bit.ly/2X4BL6l)

That incident happened in April 2018, the month nga perting baba sa price sa Bitcoin.

I will show you a timeline sa presyo sa isa ka Bitcoin nganong nahitabo to siya:

May–June 2017 - 167,936.00
August 2017 - 230,912.00
September 2017 - 263,130.00
October 2017 - 324,326.40
November 2017 - 425,088.00
December 2017 - 1,038,214.99
February 2018 - 325,376.00
October 2018 - 330,624.00
February 2019 - 206,246.40

As you can see? Ingon ani kapaspas ang changes sa price sa Bitcoin, naay mga panahon nga taas kaayo ang presyo ug naa sad panahon nga baba kaayo. Volatile gyud ang presyo niya.

Now, nganong "nascam" ang mga nag invest atong Bitcoin investment company nga niabot ug 900M? To tell you the truth, wala sila na-SCAM. Naabtan ra sila ug malas. I will explain it further.

At the time nga naga offer ang company ug high returns, it really did not matter, tungod ana nga time paspas kaayo ang pag-taas sa presyo sa Bitcoin, which means, they have the capacity to pay their investors sa gi-promise nila nga returned interest. Bisan pa ug pila ka percent and return of investment nila, kaya ra kaayo nila bayaran, kay naa pa silay kita.

However, pag sugod ug baba sa presyo sa Bitcoin from 1Million to 300K nalang, didto na nagsugod ang aberya, kay ang company dili na nila kaya panindigan ang gi-promise nila nga return of investment sa ilahang mga investors tungod kay baba na ang presyo sa cryptocurrency. So, wala sila na scam, na-abtan lang gyud sila ug malas. And the company can no longer pay their investors back kay lugi na ilahang investments.

Karon, balik sa KAPA, Rigen, Ever Arm ug uban pa. I have some confidence na FOR NOW, they can really pay their investors with the promised interest rate? NGANO?

Simple. Ang price sa Bitcoin karun is: 419,356.66 (twice sa presyo atong February) and it has an upward trend, it is also forecasted to increase its value to 787,200.00 up to 1.2 Million per Bitcoin at the end of the year.

With that given data, kung tinuod gyud nga crypto trading ang gamit nila, you're safe for now. But again, I have seen its peak and its downfall over the years. Meaning, moabot ang panahon nga mobaba ang presyo sa cryptocurrency, kay dili sa tanang higayon taas na siya. Inig baba sa presyo kabalo namo unsay mahitabo.

Akong advise, exercise vigilance and prudence. Karun palang, learn more about Cryptocurrency and Crypto Trading, its nature and tendencies in the market, para kabalo ka kanus-a ka dapat moexit before mgka aberya. I can't stop you from investing kay inyoha man ng kwarta, but please be aware of the risks. And by risks, I mean, the possibility of losing all your money, that's the nature of investment. I am a crypo trader and investor too before (dili lang big time pero I have been doing that myself, wala lang nako gipaagi ug KAPA or Rigen),

Maayong adlaw sa tanan!

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